The Top 19%

The Top 19%

This great blog post on streaming colour breaks down the results of a survey of over 200 ios developers and looks at the relationship between their earnings and the size of the team. The top 1% earn 36% of the revenue while the next 19% earn 61%, leaving a tiny 3% of revenue for the other 80%.

This supports a standard business idea that 80% of business happens at 20% of the businesses within any particular industry.
The survey also indicates that those working in companies with 3 or more staff generate more revenue, but this doesn’t take into account budgets and the money spent by this type of business in order to generate that revenue.  So while we may be able to conclude that bigger businesses make more money, that doesn’t have anything do to with the bottom line … profit.
Perhaps the most useful part of the survey is related to the number of apps released by developers. The first app often flops, but the second, third and fourth apps continue to add revenue at a rapidly multiplying rate.

This should be encouraging if you really want to make games, but your first game was a flop. Fear not! 50% of developers who have only released one game made under $500 on that game. However, the more games developers had released, the more per-game average revenue they seem to generate.

Here’s the full survey results:

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